Who needs counseling?


Who needs counseling? Often we question if we really need counseling or if we can handle a problem on our own. One of the first clues that counseling may help is that you are considering it as an option. There does not need to be any stigma or shame attached to needing counseling. Everyone can benefit from counseling whether they need it or not. So needing counseling just means that you have come into a situation where the resources and approaches you have used to address the problem are not giving you the desired results. When we cannot fix our cars we go to a mechanic, and when we cannot self-diagnose and self-medicate we go to a doctor, the same is true with counseling. When we cannot solve a relational, emotional, behavioral, or mental problem on our own, we seek counseling. An added benefit of working with a Christian counselor is that spiritual issues and spiritual roots of problems can be adequately addressed as well.

So who needs counseling? Everyone! Yes, everyone can benefit from counseling, and everyone will face some point in their life when the situation is beyond their resources and approaches.

If you think you may need counseling, I encourage you to reach out to a qualified counselor in your area. No matter what situation you are facing, it can get better, you may just need a little help.